Safeguarding your IC Markets Account

Securing your account and personal information is essential while trading or using our website.
Below are several tips to help protect your account.

Protecting your IC Markets Account

It is extremely important that you remain vigilant to security threats when online. Protecting your account is paramount to us. We suggest levelling up your security measures by choosing a strong password, protecting and managing your password, implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and regularly changing your password.


Feel Suspicious?

If you ever feel suspicious, please refer to our Cybersecurity Threats and Trading Scams page for more information on how to identify and report relevant scams when trading and navigating our platforms.

Important tips to help you stay safe online

  • Be cautious of suspicious emails or phishing attempts, such as emails, messages, malicious links, or websites that ask for your password, other sensitive information, or unusual payment instructions. Before providing such information, always verify the source and legitimacy of the request by contacting us.
  • Do not ignore security warnings on your browser – this may mean the site is fake or being intercepted.
  • Create safe and strong passwords. Learn more about this in our General Password Rules section below.
  • Enable mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an added security layer to verify your identity.
  • Use trusted mobile apps and lock your device when you are not using it.
  • Do not log in on unsecured devices or locations.
  • Keep your software and operating system up-to-date to help prevent online attacks. Turn on automatic updates to keep your operating system and software, which often have security features, up-to-date.

General Password Rules

Passwords are a critical aspect of account security and should be regarded as sensitive and confidential information. They serve as the frontline defense for your accounts. A poorly chosen or stored password could lead to the compromise of your accounts, exposing personal data and trading information. Therefore, all clients bear sole responsibility and are strongly encouraged to take appropriate steps, as outlined below, to create, select, secure, and maintain their passwords for security.

Selecting a Good Password

  • Passwords should be long and encrypted - a longer password is harder to decipher.
  • Avoid anything that can be easily guessed, such as your birthday, address, or account number.

Protecting your Password

  • You might get locked out of your IC Markets account if we notice there are multiple failed login attempts, so remember to store your passwords in a secured password manager software for easy and secure access.
  • Passwords should be changed frequently.
  • Enable mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA requires you to follow one extra step to verify your identity before accessing your account, providing you with an additional layer of security. To learn more about 2FA, visit our FAQ page.
  • Avoid using old passwords and using one password for multiple accounts, as one breach will compromise all the accounts with the same password.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone. IC Markets will never ask for your passwords.
  • Passwords must not be inserted into email messages or other forms of electronic communication.
  • Passwords should not be stored on shared drives or services such as Google Docs.