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OCT 13, 2021
Episode 11
The rise and rise of the retail investor army
Michael Go

An army of retail investors are taking over global stock exchanges.  In this episode, “Data Dan Petrie” speaks to Sydney stock exchange CEO Michael Go about the Reddit investors, the “influencers” and why retail investors are here to stay.

SEP 29, 2021
Episode 10
The power and pitfalls of leverage
Will Kenton, Mahjabeen Zaman

More than one in three traders are using leverage to try to maximise their profits. But what are the risks and returns from trading on margin? In this episode “Data Dan Petrie” speaks to Falcon VP of Content Will Kenton and Citi Senior Investment Analyst Mahjabeen Zaman about how often this gamble pays off?

SEP 15, 2021
Episode 9
Back to the Futures
Jack Schwager

What would Marty McFly buy if he could fire up the Delorean? In this episode, “Data Dan Petrie” speaks to wizard investor Jack Schwager in “Back to the Futures”.

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